2016 m. sausio 7 d., ketvirtadienis

AX7 Control List Should be Sorted Differently

Hello AX World,

AX7 will soon be released and I started training on it. Though don't have access to it yet.
However, I have noticed one thing that might get some developers annoyed when building forms.

Have a look at this long list of controls (see the image below).
Let's say you need to add a Tab control which is very common to many forms. You have to scroll down every time you need that one, or String, or Static Text... It is not handy, right?

I don't know if there is an option to change the order of these controls but I would prefer having Top 10 controls (or Recent list, that would update based on a developer) on top and the rest alphabetically ordered than just this alphabetical list.

Top 10 controls should include Action pane, Button, Button Group, Group, Grid, Menu Item Button and Tab. That's just my opinion.
Be aware and take care!