2010 m. lapkričio 11 d., ketvirtadienis

Dynamics AX print to email as PDF adds tmp file


Sometimes, then you generate a report in Microsoft Dynamics AX and want to send it via email with attachment pdf it creates an attachment tmp.


1. Delete all files in your temp directory.
2. Regenerate a report
3. Try to send it via email with pdf attachment

2010 m. rugsėjo 10 d., penktadienis

UTCDateTime bug in forms

Create display or edit method of extended data type UTDDateTime (not bare UTCDateTime but e.g. CreatedDateTime) on the table.
Drag it to the same table field group.
Use that tables field group on a form.
Then you drag tables field group or select on that group from control Group strange thing ocur.
Field become of type String.

To avoid this use bare UTCDateTime type on display or edit methods.

2010 m. liepos 12 d., pirmadienis

Report positioning functions

These functions must be called from ReportRun object.
  1. currentYmm100() - returns current page printing position in mm100*
  2. mm100Left() - returns height in mm100 left till the end of the page
  3. gotoYmm100() - Moves printing pointer to specified position in mm100
*mm100 is 1 mm / 100 or (100 mm = 1 mm100)